Where is the city centre area?

    The city centre area represents the limits of this project as highlighted on the project map found below.

    What is a city centre renewal plan?

    A city centre renewal plan is a comprehensive and strategic document used to guide the long-term growth of the city centre area over a number of years. The goal of the plan is to provide a vision for the city centre that outlines guidelines, policies, and priorities related to:

    • The Waterford River
    • Land Use
    • Public Space
    • Circulation
    • Infrastructure
    • Community Identity
    • Sustainable Development

    The idea is to create a document that carefully balances these elements in a way that creates a distinct, livable and vibrant city centre that is uniquely Mount Pearl.

    Why are we doing this now?

    Things are changing in Mount Pearl. Population growth has slowed compared to previous years. Residents are aging at an unprecedented pace, a challenge being faced not only in Mount Pearl, but across the province. Economic and business activity has wavered with the cycles of the local oil industry. Municipal infrastructure will require repair or replacement in years to come as it nears the end of its life cycle. As a result of these challenges, we need to ask ourselves what’s next for Mount Pearl? How do we tackle these concerns and ensure that our community remains a desirable place to live, work, invest, and play in the future? 

    The City’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan “On the Horizon” outlines the City’s approach to addressing these challenges. Seven pillars have been established including ways to attract new growth and investment, improve the City’s natural and physical assets, and engage partners in change. One of the pillars includes renewal of the City’s urban landscape which includes the city centre and surrounding areas. Further, a second pillar in the plan is economic development. As a City with a limited availability to grow geographically, we are evaluating the expansion and transformation of existing space to meet the changing demands of a new population. We envision the transformation of our city centre, with a focus on the Waterford River, as a long-term economic development project with the potential to redefine our City.

    How can I be involved?

    We're planning several public engagement opportunities that will be free and open to all. We encourage you to attend these events to share your ideas and hear what others have to say. Dates and times are still being finalized and will be listed on the homepage in the "Key Dates" section.

    What are the project principles?

    A renewed city centre must reflect the following principles:

    • Environment & Climate Change – be designed to sustain current and future environmental considerations
    • Inclusive – be built in consultation with residents, land owners, and businesses
    • Renewal – reflective of a brand of a place where people want to live, work, play and visit
    • Accessibility – supportive of accessibility standards for all residents and visitors
    • Smart – reflective of the City’s technology focus, using Smart City concepts where applicable
    • Recreation – encourages physical activity
    • Nature – incorporates the natural setting of the Waterford River
    • Investment – attractive to business investment
    • Arts & Culture – attractive to arts and culture
    • Tourism – attractive to tourists
    • Regulations & Laws – respective of current laws and regulations